The Story of Solos

Dear Kind Soul,

Have you ever felt like you don’t belong?

We live in an artificial world. And we become ill and sick because of it. Many of us feel disconnected to each other and want to feel connected to something greater. A connection to our true selves, to nature, or to something beyond our own problems. Many of us are looking for a place to feel centered again.

Solos handpans are handcrafted for healing through music and connection to nature and the fundamental.

The music of the handpans brought me back to life. I was numb and dealing with loss. As I played, I felt myself vibrating and the notes tuned my soul back to its fundamental state: peaceful, grounded, and connected.

I started Solos - “Sound of Love on Steel” to help others heal through music.

It’s my life’s work to help you find yourself again through music. I’ve studied steel drums and handpans for 27 years to craft this quality of an instrument, and each one is a work of art.

The full story of my journey to develop the drum is in this article: How Music Saved My Life: The Journey to Create The Solos Handpan. 

If you’re someone who has struggled with loss, numbness or worry, or if you feel like you don’t fit in this world, you may find the story encouraging.

Could a Solos Handpan Heal You?

We live in such a superficial world and we are all healing from parts of our past. Give yourself the gift of tuning your mind, body and spirit. A handpan is a tool that will always be there for you.

Different handpans offer you different supports. I encourage everyone to explore for themselves. I have a very strong connection to the Hijaz in C. It’s a storyteller, sad yet optimistic, and I know it will be a dear companion to you as well. There are other handpans that may be more to your liking. For instance, I currently play the C# Aeolian. This is more for exploring, which is the phase I’m in now. 

May the music heal you as it healed me,

Solos Founder and Master Craftsman

Every Solos Drum Is:

  • Hand
  • Unique and one-of-a-kind
  • Tuned for
  • An Artisan
  • Made from Metal and the Soul

How Handpans Are Made:

  • 1

    Shaping the Steel

    The process starts with using the custom molds that Pepeto perfected over the past 10 years. We use 18 gauge steel, and mold the steel to create the shells. We polish the steel before going to nitriding. These steps are doing in Montreal, Canada.
  • 2

    Nitrogen Treatment

    The drum is Nitrided to harden the steel and make it resistant to temperature and rust. This gives a beautiful dark finish and guarantees a 2-year warranty of perfect condition.
  • 3

    Tuning, Testing, Blessing

    At Solos, each handpan is created with ritual and intention. Before touching the handpan, we talk to each buyer individually and craft the drum for them. Before the drum is complete, we test it for sound quality. When it resonates in the soul… it’s ready!

The Solos Mission:

The Solos Mission is to help those who wish to restore connection to a fundamental essence of oneself. The high quality handpans we build are tools to help you develop that inner space and time that you require to help with the healing you need.

Below is my composition called “Hero’s Journey”

The Hero’s journey is the journey we all have. To go through life with all the hurt and sadness. It’s a reminder that we all have the strength of a hero inside of us. I hope this song helps you in your journey.


Stories and Testimonials:

  • Phenomenal handpans! I just recieved mine in the mail today; extremely fast and reliable shipping! The sound equality is impeccable and the tone is incredibly rich!

    — Austin
  • I am so excited to review this product because I love my new handpan so much! The sound is absolutely beautiful. I ordered the D Minor Celtic scale and it sound so mesmerizing and gorgeous. 

    — The Passport Puppy
  • Sooo impressed and in love with my Handpan in D minor! Notes are clear, sharp and eupherial just the way my soul likes to be addressed.

    — Christina
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